Guipeng Li

Guipeng Li

Research Assistant Professor


Dr. Li obtained his Ph.D degree from Tsinghua University, Department of Automation in 2017. He was trained in bioinformatics.

Research Interests

The main research fields of Dr. Li include bioinformatics and computational biology. He focuses on using quantitative methods such as machine learning, statistics and optimization theory to answer fundamental biological questions. He also designs and develops bioinformatics methods to analyze high throughput sequencing omics data. His current interests include epigenetics, gene (post)transcriptional regulation, single cell Omics and 3D genome organization.

Professional Experience

2017.10~, SUSTech Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Research Assistant Professor

2017.07~2017.10, SUSTech, Department of Biology, Research Scholar

Educational Background

2017 Tsinghua University, Department of Automation, Ph.D.

2015~2016 Stanford University, Department of Genetics, Visiting

2012 South China University of Technology, Department of Mathematics, B.S.

Selected Publication

  1. Chen, F., Li, G., Zhang, M. Q., & Chen, Y. (2018). HiCDB: a sensitive and robust method for detecting contact domain boundaries. Nucleic Acids Research, 62795578(15), 1–12. (co-first author)
  2. Li, Guipeng ; Chen, Yang; Snyder, Michael P.; Zhang, Michael Q. ChIA-PET2: a versatile and flexible pipeline for ChIA-PET data analysis, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 2017.1.9 45(1)
  3. He Chao; Li Guipeng; Nadhir Diekidel M.; Chen Yang; Wang Xiaowo; Zhang Michael Q. Advances in computational ChIA-PET data analysis, Quantitative Biology, 2016.9.9 4(3): 217~225 (co-first author)
  4. Liang Zhengyu,Li Guipeng,Wang Zejun,Djekidel Mohamed Nadhir,Li Yanjian,Qian Min-Ping,Zhang Michael Q.,Chen Yang, BL-Hi-C is an efficient and sensitive approach for capturing structural and regulatory chromatin interactions, Nature Communications, 2017.11.20 8(1)
  5. Djekidel, Mohamed Nadhir; Liang, Zhengyu; Wang, Qi; Hu, Zhirui; Li, Guipeng; Chen, Yang; Zhang, Michael Q., 3CPET: finding co-factor complexes, from ChIA-PET data using a hierarchical Dirichlet process, GENOME BIOLOGY,2015.12.22 16
  6. Li, Y., He, Y., Liang, Z., Wang, Y., Chen, F., Djekidel, M. N., … Chen, Y. (2018). Alterations of specific chromatin conformation affect ATRA-induced leukemia cell differentiation. Cell Death and Disease.
  7. Yi, H., Li, G., Long, Y., Liang, W., Cui, H., Zhang, B., Tan, Y., Li, Y., Shen, L., Deng, D., Tang, Y., Mao, C., Tian, S., Cai, Y., Zhu, Q., Hu, Y., Chen, W., & Fang, L. (2020). Integrative multi-omics analysis of a colon cancer cell line with heterogeneous Wnt activity revealed RUNX2 as an epigenetic regulator of EMT. Oncogene. (co-first author)